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Adrit: An Outcast Child Receives Healing

Adrit was a very bright young boy, but almost no one knew it. He suffered from an extreme stutter that made it nearly impossible for him to communicate. When he did speak, he was teased so much that he decided to simply keep silent. He was labeled as dumb and disabled, and he figured it was easier to isolate himself than be continually mocked.

When Adrit’s father died, he became a semi-orphan, another label that was seen as shameful in his community. Thankfully, two of Adrit’s uncles stepped in to care for him and his family. One of these uncles, Jagav, was a Christian and led a Children’s Bible Club nearby. Although Adrit’s family worshipped other gods, his mom sent him and his siblings to the Bible Club.

Jagav paid special attention to his struggling nephew, helping him adjust to the activities and routines of the Bible Club. Very quickly, Adrit found a group of friends who accepted him for who he was. He began playing team sports, learning action songs, and smiling like never before.

At the Bible Club, Adrit also heard Bible stories about Jesus’ healing miracles and learned verses about God being all-powerful. These principles sparked hope in Adrit’s heart, and he began praying that God would heal his stutter. He shared this prayer request with his new friends at the Bible Club, and they began praying for him as well.

Over time, Adrit noticed that his speech was improving. The changes were small at first, but they were real! Adrit’s hope and faith grew, and he kept practicing his speech with Jagav and his friends at the Bible Club. One day, Adrit was able to speak with complete clarity, and the children were all astounded at his miraculous healing!

Adrit and his family credit God for his healing and new positive mindset. The silent and withdrawn Adrit is no more. Today, he is a brilliant student and a well-adjusted young man.

However, Adrit and his mother have not fully committed to following Christ because they are fearful of being ostracized by their community. Will you pray that Adrit’s family would be released from their fear and come to the saving knowledge of Christ?