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Bible Club Leader Blessed Despite Persecution

Four years ago, Sumeda received Jesus as her Savior. Compelled by His love, Sumeda began to faithfully serve as a Children’s Bible Club leader at the young age of 18! Why? “God has blessed me, so I want others also to be blessed with the love of God,” Sumeda shares.

But the journey hasn’t been easy.

In late January 2024, anti-Christian activists came to Sumeda’s village and interrogated her. Sumeda found herself being questioned about her faith and the Children’s Bible Club that she ran.

Sumeda stood firm, facing their questions and accusations with confidence. The meeting ended with Sumeda and her whole family being expelled from their village, and the Bible Club forced to close. Additionally, a fine of 25,000 rupees (nearly $300 USD) was declared for anyone who attempted to maintain a relationship with Sumeda or her family.

Sumeda’s firm foundation in Jesus while facing persecution is a testament to the Holy Spirit’s work in her life. As the months pass by since Sumeda was first expelled from her community, will you join us in praying that God will continue to be her comfort? Also, pray that her ministry will be able to continue, so that the hope that overflows in her life, by the power of the Holy Spirit, will be a testament to everyone she meets.