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Sachman is Freed from Panic Attacks

Sachman and his wife were from a lower caste, so he struggled to find work that would provide for his six children. As a result, Sachman couldn’t afford adequate housing for the family, and they went without a proper roof to keep them safe from the elements.

Life seemed hopeless, and the family experienced constant stress about finances and their social standing. Sachman’s sons coped with their poverty by using drugs and drinking alcohol.

Distraught over his children’s choices, Sachman started visiting temples and witch doctors to save them from their addictions, but no one was able to offer a solution. Due to all this stress, Sachman suffered panic attacks and significant health concerns. His body became so paralyzed by fear that he was sure he would soon die.

Then a Church Planter named Ragin visited Sachman’s village and told him about Jesus. Ragin listened to their problems and shared that God was powerful enough to free them from any issue they faced. He began praying regularly for Sachman, and after just a few weeks, he was freed from panic attacks!

In response to this miracle, Sachman and his wife received Jesus as their Lord and Savior! They got involved in a worshipping group, and the community there helped them rebuild their home. Sachman was amazed that these people treated him with kindness and compassion regardless of his caste.

Meanwhile, his sons witnessed all that God was doing for the family, and their hearts were softened to the Gospel. Sachman and his wife prayed diligently for their sons, and they too received salvation through Jesus, giving up their addictions and choosing freedom in Christ! Now the entire family attends a weekly worshipping group, and they praise the Lord for everything He has done for them. Together, let’s pray for Sachman to find adequate employment!