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A Neighbor Sharing Hope

Rabani was born into a Hindu family. Her father works at a gas station and her mother is a housewife. And she also has one brother. Rabani’s neighbor runs a Children’s Bible Club out of her home every day.

Rabani noticed children gathering in her neighbor’s home, studying and playing every evening. She asked her parents about what was going on there and without knowing what was really going on there, her dad told her it was a Christian religious program.

She was not satisfied with her father’s response and one day she went to her neighbor’s house and started asking questions about what was going on. Her neighbor enlightened her with some details of what happened there and gifted her a book called “He Lived Among Us” that tells the story of Jesus. Rabani was very excited to read the book, especially because it had pictures that made it enjoyable to read.

Following this conversation, Rabani started to attend the Bible Club regularly. Her curiosity helped her to finish the book and she came to know about Jesus through it. She really enjoyed reading the book and shared many of the stories from it with other children attending the Children’s Bible Club. At the Bible Club, Rabani also learned action songs and more Bible stories from the Bible Club Leader.

Over time, Rabani believed in Jesus and began to pray along with the other children in the Bible Club. Because she was a regular attender at the Bible Club, she improved in her studies. She often went home and shared the Bible stories she learned with her parents so that they would know Jesus too.

Pray for Rabani and her family; that they would know Jesus and find salvation.