Our Approach

We Don’t Send Missionaries

That’s right! We are a missions organization that doesn’t send Western missionaries. Instead, we train and equip local Christians in India to do the work God has called them to do.

Church Planters aim to establish two new churches during their year-long training.
Our approach is to equip local Christian Indians.

We Partner With Locals

Our three programs were created by Indians, for Indians. 100% of our ministry partners in India are Indian nationals!

While this nation is home to millions of people who have never heard of Jesus, those who do know Him are eager to proclaim the Good News. They can’t wait to share their faith with others, and they’re excited to learn how they can do so effectively. That’s where we come in: Our role is to provide the training, resources, and accountability to help these individuals succeed in ministry.

Bringing the Gospel to India.

Our Programs

We are committed to spreading the Gospel in India in three ways: by reaching children, empowering adults, and planting local churches. The Good News of Jesus is at the forefront of all our programs, and Christ uses them to change people from the inside out!

Why India?

We believe our ministry model positions us to effectively and efficiently proclaim the Good News of Jesus in India. We’d love to tell you more!

We Measure Results

Measuring results is a deeply-held value at Mission India. We are committed to not just measuring our activity, but the outputs of our programs. Our ministry partners visit every program multiple times to check in, and they report information back to the people who sponsored the work. Measuring results is so important to us that our retired President, Dave Stravers, wrote a book about it.

Church Planters train in groups of 10 over the course of one year.

2 out of every 3 Adult Literacy Classes transition to become churches later on.

3 out of every 5 Year-Long Bible Clubs transitions to become a church.

Each Church Planter has a goal of establishing 2 new churches during their year of training.

80% of Adult Literacy students graduate with a 5th-grade level education.

On average, over 1/3 of kids who attend a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club become followers of Jesus.