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Deliverance from Evil

Kiran was taught from an early age to respect the deities that governed his life. As he entered adulthood, he held onto that fear and reverence, fiercely believing that no other religion could offer him what his gods and goddesses did.

One day, Kiran’s neighbor, Church Planter Kadija, shared the Gospel with him. Instead of being moved by the truth of the Good News, Kiran’s heart remained hardened. Thinking of the wealth he believed he received from his own deities, Kiran chided the Church Planter and said, “Only money is God and no one else. What money can do your God cannot do.”

But then, some time later, Kiran’s mind came under spiritual attack overnight. Violent thoughts overcame him, and he began to act so strangely that his family feared him and kept their distance.

Kiran tried everything he could think of to ward off the evil spirits that seemed to be affecting him. He sought the help of priests at the religious temples, but they could not deliver him. Soon, his spiritual “illness” manifested itself into physical sickness. He became so sick that doctors feared he might not survive.

Kiran implored the gods and goddesses of his faith to help him, but they remained silent. Even the wealth that he had boasted of earlier could do nothing for him. Kiran was desperate.

While everyone else kept their distance from Kiran, Kadija approached him, demonstrating and proclaiming the love of Christ. She offered a solution to his troubles that he would have previously dismissed: “Jesus can deliver you from all of your problems if you believe in the invisible God.”

“Jesus can deliver you from all of your problems if you believe in the invisible God.”

Kiran believed all hope for him was lost. What did it matter if he joined this neighbor and visited the church she led? His gods had already forsaken him, and this Christian said his life would never be the same if he received Jesus.

When Kiran set foot in Kadija’s church, he heard the truth of the Gospel with a softened heart. As he listened to God’s Holy Word, the evil spirits were silenced. Kiran fell to his knees, knowing that he had been healed—in body and spirit. Indeed, his life would never be the same! Jesus had delivered him.

Today, Kiran says that Jesus has really taken all his burdens and filled his life with peace. He and his family have received the love of Christ with open hearts. Pray that Kiran’s story will be a witness to everyone he meets.