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Pryare Finds Jesus in God’s Perfect Time

Pryare is in his mid-thirties and lives with his three brothers, one sister, and their father. When Pryare was 27, his mother died of an unknown illness. He grew up worshipping many deities which he and his family believed would protect them from harm. However, over and over, their gods failed to help.

One day Pryare had a terrible bike accident. He was hospitalized for three weeks to repair his badly broken leg. Thankfully, once he was discharged, he was able to return to work making deliveries.

Pryare continued to worship his gods until several years later, when he met Church Planter Vani. Pryare allowed Vani to share the Gospel of Jesus with him, and she told Pryare how much Jesus loved him.  While Pryare listened to Vani, he left in haste and moved on with his duties. Pryare thought about what Vani told him, but wasn’t ready to leave his gods.

A year later, Pryare had another bad bike accident! This time, he realized that he was miraculously saved and was given yet another chance at life. This is when Vani’s words came back to him and he contacted her to pray for him. When Pryare and Vani met again, she prayed and guided Pryare to the path of righteousness. This time her words sunk in and Pryare decided to follow Jesus since his life was finally filled with peace and contentment. Pryare received Jesus as his personal Savior.

“I am very happy with my new life in Christ.”

As Pryare suspected would happen, his family was not happy about his decision and stopped talking to him because they thought he was placing his trust in an unknown god. Pryare has endured these struggles because Christ changed his live and he had never experienced the peace and joy he has today. Pryare says, “I am very happy with my new life in Christ.” Please pray that Pryare’s family will come to know Jesus as he grows in his faith.