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An Only Child Brings Hope Home

Sahiti is an only child to her parents Naveen and Semanti. Her parents were married at a young age. Semanti faced many complications during her pregnancy and had seven miscarriages before she gave birth to Sahiti.

Despite walking through so much hardship and emotional turmoil, the family lived a very devout life to their deities. Each year they observed a special occasion and taking it a step further, Semanti would walk barefoot on hot coals hoping that her devotion would invoke divine blessings. Each household in their community was very familiar with their deep devotion.

The family lived well below the poverty line and were provided a state government sanction house. They also don’t own any agricultural land so they have to cultivate other’s land on lease.

Sahiti was born healthy and cheerful but her parents lived in great fear that something might happen to her. When she showed no signs of illness, her parents were relieved. Because they worshipped a local goddess, they thanked her for saving Sahiti from harm and death. Sahiti followed her parent’s example and also worshipped the local goddess. They were confident that the local goddess had blessed their lives.

This assumption fell flat when Naveen suffered a serious injury to his spinal cord while cutting a tree. A huge branch fell on him and caused multiple fractures to his spine. He underwent treatment for several weeks with no improvement. Sahiti was barely three years old when this happened and lacked understanding of what was happening.

This made life feel like an endless struggle for the family. Because of their poverty, Naveen was unable to see a doctor when his back caused him pain relentlessly. In order to relieve the pain, Naveen took painkillers. This also left no one to cultivate the land. The family frequently found themselves wondering where their next meal would come from. The couple felt so discouraged because of the grief they had walked through time and time again. Over time, their spirituality and devotion took a back seat. They were so heartbroken that they hardly believed in any gods.

Financial pressure led Semanti to start looking for labor work. This work was a big burden on Semanti because of her health issues from having seven miscarriages. She was able to find a job that allowed her to bring home some money. Half of this money paid for the medication her husband needed and the other half provided their basic needs. This left no money or person to provide for Sahiti so Semanti enrolled her daughter in a government school.

Sahiti struggled in school and at the age of 14, worries arose that she may not be able to pass the tenth grade. Relief came when a Children’s Bible Club was opened in her community. She enrolled herself after hearing of the Bible Club and began attending regularly.

It was at the Bible Club that Sahiti learned many things and began to understand her studies better. She now makes a consistent effort to excel in her classes. In addition to this, she learned about health and hygiene and now strives to keep her home tidy.

Sahiti gained more than just knowledge for her studies at the Bible Club. She made new friends, participated in new activities, and heard many stories from the Bible. After hearing the impact prayer had on people’s sickness, Sahiti shared about her father’s injury with the Bible Club leader. The leader encouraged her to begin praying for her father’s recovery.

As she began to pray, things started to change – her father began recovering. He could get up and walk on his own. While he hasn’t completely recovered, Sahiti is hopeful that he will have a completely recovery someday. This had a profound impact on Semanti. She is showing an interest in Jesus.

Although Sahiti hasn’t received Jesus as her Savior yet, she has set her mind on seeking Jesus and is striving to know Jesus more.

Pray for Sahiti’s salvation and the salvation of her parents. Also, pray for Naveen’s complete healing.