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God Answered the First Time Anishi Prayed!

Anishi was disobedient from the beginning of her life, not valuing her parents or siblings. When faced with her father’s frequent illness, Anishi’s behavior continued to get worse. The family was left without peace—often fighting with one another. No matter where they sought healing, the family seemed to spend endless money while finding no solution to their father’s illness. They worshipped their various gods, hoping for a miracle, but unfortunately, they only watched their father deteriorate.

And when the world seemed like it was turned upside down for Anishi, she happened to meet the Church Planter, Ranjika, you sent to her village. Ranjika shared the Gospel with Anishi and upon hearing it, Anishi shared her burdens, asking Ranjika to pray for her.

This became the greatest day of Anishi’s life—the day she came to know about the God who eagerly listens to and answers prayers. Ranjika continued to pray for Anishi and encouraged her to pray to Jesus. When Anishi did, God heard her prayers, and her father was miraculously healed!

After this experience, the whole family experienced immense peace and they left behind their idol worship. Anishi surrendered her life to Christ and her whole family followed! Now, they attend church regularly and are growing in the love and knowledge of Christ.

But Anishi’s story doesn’t stop there. She is overjoyed whenever she gets a chance to share about Jesus. She even accompanies Ranjika to share her testimony with others who have never heard His name!

Will you pray that Anishi’s story continues to lead others to find hope in Christ?