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A School Bully Meets Jesus

Visok was a young boy from a village steeped in tradition. His family strongly believed in superstitions, which prompted them to sacrifice animals to appease their idols.

Visok’s father, Hadwik, worked in masonry but spent most of his earnings on alcohol. This left his family without enough food or proper clothes. Hadwik’s behavior not only affected Visok’s physical needs; as he watched his father’s actions, his attitude soured, too. He started using vulgar language and picked fights with other children at school. Visok’s mother was worried her son would follow in his father’s footsteps.

Thankfully, through the support of people like you, a man named Rupam announced that he would be starting a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club in the village! At first, Visok’s parents did not want him to attend. They didn’t like Christians because they considered Jesus to be in the God for people in a lower caste. Eventually, Visok’s parents agreed to enroll him despite their hesitations, and he attended from the very first day.

Visok’s manners and language were disrespectful from the start. But instead of responding in anger, Rupam approached Visok with gentle yet firm guidance. Rupam spoke politely to Visok and won the boy’s respect. This helped Visok feel valued, so he began to enjoy learning Christ-centered action songs, playing games like cricket, reciting Scripture verses from memory, and hearing Bible stories. Rupam took Visok under his wing, and he was proud to see Visok thrive.

But Rupam knew that this young boy needed more than a behavior change; he needed a heart change, too. So Rupam told him about Jesus—how He loves Visok, how He died for Visok, and how He wanted Visok to know Him. As Visok listened, his heart opened to the Gospel, and he received salvation!

Compelled by his new understanding of God’s love and care, Visok prayed that his father would be free from his addiction. Not long after, Hadwik suddenly quit drinking alcohol! Visok was filled with gratitude for this miracle.

Today, Visok is a changed boy! He is kind, respectful, and even wears tidy clothes. But the change goes deeper than his wardrobe and his demeanor. Visok is passionately pursuing faith! He recently shared the Gospel with a friend, who then received Jesus as Savior! Will you pray that Visok’s entire family would come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ?