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A Troubled Child Redirects His Family

Arvin was a bully.

He used to punch other children to establish his “superiority.” He was stubborn and rude, and his grades reflected his disregard for his studies. His
teachers complained about his bad behavior to his parents, who were deeply distressed.

They were at a loss to know how to handle him.

We praise God that you sent a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club to their village! Arvin’s mom enrolled him and his brother Romil. She accompanied them on their first day … and immediately knew the Bible Club was a great place for Arvin.

And she was right! Little by little, his behavior changed! With Bible Club leader Neka’s guidance, he began concentrating on his schoolwork, obeyed his teachers and parents, and his classmates no longer feared him. He even enjoyed reading and reciting Bible verses.

Arvin grew to love the story of Jonah, who first disobeyed God but then finally went to Nineveh to change the lives of the Ninevites.

Before the Bible Club, Arvin didn’t know Jesus loved him — but now he does — and he received Jesus as his Savior!

Not only did Arvin’s heart and life change, but he was able to share the truth with his parents, and they were saved, too!

Now — despite the sad fact that their neighbors ridicule them for their new faith — the family attends church together, and Arvin and his brother Romil continue to grow in God along with their mom and dad.

Thank you for showing this family the way to faith in Jesus!