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Sujay and Sumed: “Lost Boys” Found…And Changed

It was a profane “love triangle.”

Ajlal was married to Sunil — who was violent and abusive.

She had an affair with Ravind, who suffered depression and anxiety.

With Sunil, Ajlal had a son, Sujay … and then along came her second child, Sumed. Everyone assumed he was Sunil’s son as well. But he wasn’t. His biological father was Ravind.

The situation was a sordid mess, and the only ones who had not contributed to it were the brothers, Sujay and Sumed … yet they paid a high price when their parents’ lives imploded.

Sunil discovered Sumed wasn’t his son — he became enraged and unleashed abuse on his wife and angry threats against Ravind, Sumed’s actual father. Ravind became terrified for his
life, consumed with guilt and depression…and died by suicide.

This horror caused a mental and emotional break in Ajlal, who abandoned her husband and children to roam the streets, seemingly deranged. Sunil, of course, was a neglectful parent …

And so the brothers were left with no adult to care for them. They quit school, lived on the streets, stole food to survive, became rude and aggressive with adults and other children alike. It seemed that their childhood would disappear into tragedy and dysfunction …

Until you sent Church Planter Anant to their neighborhood.

When he heard what had happened to these boys, he began helping to feed them, tried to make sure they slept at home at night, and even got them re-enrolled in school. Then, he introduced them to a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club where they could be discipled, receive help with school work, and enjoy fun activities — finally giving them the chance to just be kids.

Soon their lives were transformed! With the loving support of their Bible Club leader, they began to improve in school, stopped stealing, and are becoming so much better behaved than they were on the streets!

Most importantly, Sujay and Sumed learned about Christ’s saving love and received Jesus as their Savior.

Their mother, Ajlal, continues to struggle with mental illness, but the boys continue to pray for her as well as Sunil. Please join us in prayer for this family, that the boys will be provided stability and that the family will be healed and find hope in Jesus.