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Brisha Ran Away from Home —but God Had a Plan

Why are Bible Clubs so important?

Because of children like Brisha.

This 13-year-old struggled in school, quarreled with classmates, and was disrespectful of her teachers. She lacked discipline, lied, and stole — often leaving home for extended periods of time and wandering aimlessly. This worried her parents a lot and caused many conflicts between them and Brisha.

Brisha took a turn for the worse when she got into an argument with her mother one day and was told to leave the room. Brisha went to the extreme: she secretly ran away to her grandmother’s house.

But God used this period of time for His good. While she was staying with her grandmother, Brisha overheard some children singing songs and wanted to join them, so she followed the music and discovered a Children’s Bible Club.

The Bible Club leader welcomed her in, invited her to sit with the other children, and gave her a Scripture-based book to read. As Brisha read the book, her mindset began to shift, and she received many blessings from God. Eventually, as Brisha learned more, she received Jesus as her Savior!

Meanwhile, her parents were distraught, not knowing where Brisha had gone. When Brisha finally returned home several days later, her parents could already see the positive change in her. She was now respectful toward her parents and elders, paid attention in school, and built good relationships with friends!

Now that they have seen how Jesus changed their daughter, Brisha’s parents are open to the Gospel. Will you pray for their salvation?