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Mamon Receives Joy From God

Mamon’s life was filled with sorrow as her family seemingly fell apart.

Her father suffered mental health challenges and began roaming the streets. Meanwhile, her mother was left caring for their three children. During these difficult times, Mamon lost interest in school and began staying home each day instead, helping with household chores and looking after her siblings.

Mamon’s family was superstitious, holding a deep reverence for idols and deities. She would often accompany her mother to temples and offer prayers for her father’s recovery. However, she always left with sadness and darkness lingering in her heart. She desired to see her family reunited and free from hardships.

As time passed, Mamon’s hope for a happy family only faded farther into the distance.

Then, amidst life’s challenges, Mamon heard that a 10-Day Children’s Bible Club was being held in her village. At first, she thought it was just for Christian children — but her friend went and enthusiastically shared the joy she experienced.

Inspired by her friend’s radiant smile, Mamon went to the Bible Club, met the leader, and was invited to join.

And her life was remarkably changed! She was filled with indescribable joy through the Holy Spirit as she participated in the Christ-centered activities. Mamon learned valuable life lessons and gained spiritual guidance, leading her to receive Jesus as her Savior!

Her sorrows faded, and she experienced profound happiness in the Lord’s presence. She embarked on a new journey, praying to God and learning from Bible stories.

Her new faith inspired her mother so much that they now pray together for her father’s healing and a reunited family.

Thank you for helping Mamon find joy in Jesus! Pray that her family will remain steadfast in their faith and that their joy will lead more families to discover the grace of God.