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The Holy Spirit Healed What Man and Idols Could Not

Hajid and Mada led a quiet life. They worked as farm laborers, raised their young son, and devoutly worshipped their gods. The family didn’t think it was any real concern when Mada, who was young and healthy, began experiencing some medical issues.

Yet no matter how many doctors they saw or hospitals they visited, no one could help or even diagnose her.

After spending most of their savings trying to find a cure for Mada, Hajid was worried! He turned to their gods for help. He visited the temple countless times, offering many sacrifices and completing various rituals, to no avail.

When Mada’s suffering had not improved in two years, they concluded her illness was the result of witchcraft. To make matters worse, Mada then came down with another illness — a serious case of dengue fever.

During a time that seemed hopeless, you stepped in. Through your gifts and prayers, a Church Planter named Badal was equipped to minister in Mada and Hajid’s village. He heard about Mada’s illness and paid the family a visit. Badal shared with them about the love of Jesus and prayed in Jesus’ name for Mada’s healing.

As Mada slowly recovered from the dengue fever, Badal continued to visit them. Each time, he prayed for Mada’s healing and spoke about the life and miracles of Jesus. After some time, Mada recovered from the dengue fever and — miraculously — her chronic health issues were healed as well!

Mada and Hajid gave credit to Jesus for her recovery, receiving salvation and praising the Holy Spirit for freeing her from the oppression of witchcraft.

Praise God for Badal’s faithful investment in Hajid and Mada’s lives, which was made possible by generous believers like you!