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Rather than sending Western missionaries, we partner with local Christians in India and equip them to do the work God is calling to. After a thorough screening, application, and interview process, we select believers to train so that they can lead our programs in their own communities.

Persecution takes many forms. Social isolation and rejection from a believer’s family or village is common, but often overcome by patience and love. In many cases, those who dislike Christianity are glad to see Year-Long Children’s Bible Clubs helping kids with their homework and Adult Literacy Classes providing education, so they set aside their religious opposition for the holistic impact the program has on their community.

First and foremost, not everyone who desires to become a Church Planter is invited to go through our training. An application, screening, and interview process take place, allowing our partners to select the right people to train and equip for ministry.

Those who are selected to become Church Planters are paired up with a mentor who disciples them throughout their year of training. The mentor provides theological training and holds the Church Planter accountable to reporting on the results of their work. Often, the mentor even accompanies the Church Planter on door-to-door visits, supporting and guiding them as they share the Gospel and pray for people in the community.

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