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Shivam Learns the Impact of Good Influence

At the tender age of 12, Shivam found himself trapped in a world of poverty and emotional turmoil. His parents struggled to make ends meet through farming but persevered with the desire to provide Shivam with an education.

Eventually, Shivam’s parents fulfilled their wish and enrolled their son in school. Initially, he was succeeding at school and his teachers praised him. But as he progressed to sixth grade, his attendance became irregular and neglecting his homework became the norm. But because of their own responsibilities and work schedule, his parents were unaware that something was amiss.

A teacher who was concerned about Shivam’s declining performance approached his parents about it. The news filled them with worry and an urgent desire to understand their son’s troubles. Despite their best efforts, Shivam refused to reveal anything.

In their quest for a solution, Shivam’s parents sought counsel from the local Year-Long Children’s Bible Club leader, Manak, who was known for guiding troubled children. They discovered that Manak gathered local children and helped them with their academics every day after school hours. Intrigued by this, they decided to send Shivam to the Bible Club, hoping it would rekindle his love of learning.

Upon joining the Bible Club, Shivam found solace in the stories Manak shared. Even though Shivam’s name bore the connection to the god, Shiva, he found comfort in the teachings of Jesus. Each story carried a moral lesson, encouraging good behavioral changes. The story of the prodigal son resonated deeply with Shivam, helping him to understand the negative impact of bad companions and their destructive influence on one’s life. So, he began distancing himself from all his friends who lacked good character.

From then on, Shivam was dedicated to his studies and his attendance in school improved. He was actively participating in class again! After witnessing such a great behavioral change in Shivam, his parents were filled with pride and fervently prayed to Jesus for his continued growth.

As Shivam continued to learn about Jesus, he began to depend on the Lord for wisdom and guidance during exams. He is still growing in his faith and has not yet committed his life to Christ, so please pray that Shivam will come to know the Savior!