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Relief Kits Are Changing Hearts in Manipur!

When violent unrest broke out in Manipur, India this May, we called on friends of Mission India, like you, to provide Relief Kits for those who were affected. Our partners on the ground in Manipur have been distributing the Relief Kits while also praying with those who now find themselves uncertain about the future.

Hope is being given to families in Manipur as a result, and Hiti’s story is just that – a story of hope.

Hiti and her husband married nine years ago and were blessed with three beautiful children. They belong to the Kuki tribe and live in a small village in Manipur, India.

Even before the recent violence began, the couple struggled to make ends meet – working as daily wage laborers. This left them unable to afford a reputable school for their children, so they could only enroll their two oldest in a free school. Their poverty also left them lacking a vehicle, so their children had to walk about six miles to school each day.

Despite the hardships they faced, Hiti and her husband persevered, knowing that their children’s education was vital. However, life took an unexpected turn when an ethnic conflict erupted between the Meitei and Kuki tribes. The village authorities issued a decree, demanding all able-bodied men serve as village volunteers to protect their homes from potential intruders.

Hiti’s husband took on this new responsibility of being a village volunteer, leaving her to care for their children alone. The weight of nurturing her family, coupled with their poverty, became unbearable for Hiti.

Then, May 5th, 2023, became a date that will be forever engraved in Hiti’s memory. Thousands of attackers descended upon her village, setting it ablaze – leaving destruction and despair in their wake. Amidst this chaos, Hiti’s husband was brutally killed. He and many other village volunteers sacrificed everything to protect their cherished community.

Hiti found herself devastated and consumed with grief at the news of her husband’s death. She couldn’t bear to eat or sleep.

Amidst the darkest moments of her life, a pastor came to offer her solace and support. He spoke compassionately and uttered heartfelt prayers – bringing a sense of peace to Hiti. From that moment, God gave her the strength to be able to bear life’s difficulties.

Currently, Hiti and her family are residing in a relief camp, where they received a Relief Kit through your generosity. Because of you, they were given food and clothing after losing all they had. This act of compassion eased the burden off Hiti’s weary shoulders.

Though the future seemed uncertain, with the impending need to provide for her family without her husband, Hiti surrendered her life to Jesus and placed all her worries on the Lord.

Hiti believes that God will continue to guide and provide for her and expresses her extreme gratitude for the support she has received from you.

Thank you for your continued support of our brothers and sisters in India! If you haven’t had the opportunity to give toward relief efforts yet, you can do so here. Please keep those affected in your prayers as we Stand with Manipur.