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Healing in Body, Mind, and Spirit

When Ramini started attending Adult Literacy Classes, she was looking for a small reprieve and distraction from the daily migraines she suffered. What she didn’t expect was to receive healing in body, mind, and spirit.

Ramini lived with her husband and two children on a modest income from her husband’s earnings as a daily laborer. Ramini’s life would be considered comfortable by most Indian standards, but she suffered from the presence of constant migraines. She sought treatment for her pain, but any relief was short-lived.

Ramini’s persistent headaches began to take their toll on her emotionally. She became irritable and ill-tempered. Friends, family, and neighbors found it difficult to be around Ramini’s sour disposition. Amid India’s social culture, Ramini began to feel isolated.

But Ramini found a lifeline in the form of Adult Literacy Classes.

Ankit, a teacher at the local Adult Literacy Class, met Ramini and swiftly invited her to attend the class. Convinced that learning the basics of reading, writing, and math would be invaluable to a woman like her, Ramini decided to give it a chance.

Ramini soon became intrigued about the healing powers of Jesus that featured so often in her lessons. As she still suffered from excruciating migraines, Ramini thought that perhaps Jesus could heal her too. Ramini approached Ankit and asked him as much.

Not only could Jesus heal her of her migraines, Ankit told Ramini, but He could heal her spirit as well. She simply had to put her trust in Him.

After two months of ruminating on Ankit’s words, Ramini decided to heed his words and put her faith in Christ. As Ramini was healed from her spiritual pain, her headaches disappeared, and her friendly personality emerged. So engaging was Ramini’s love for the Lord, that she opened the doors to her home as a house of prayer. Now family, friends, and neighbors alike flock to her to hear how the Gospel healed her—from the inside out.

Will you join us in praying for Ramini’s continued health and spiritual growth?