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How to Pray for India’s Monsoon Season

Many in India rely on agriculture to make a living and provide for their families. But in order to be a robust agricultural community, you need rain. Rain is usually a good thing, unless it’s monsoon season.

India receives 90% of its rain between the months of June and September. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) estimates an average of 34 inches of rain during this four-month period, which can be a blessing and a curse. The rain from these monsoons provides much needed water for irrigation and maintaining livestock. But it also results in floods, landslides, and strong winds that destroy communities and take lives. This year’s monsoon season has been catastrophic for many of our friends in India.

For example, a Church Planter Training program was launched with success and excitement in the state of Gujarat, but participants have experienced tragedy with the death of two worshipping group members during the floods. Will you pray for this community as they grieve? Ask the Holy Spirit to comfort them in their time of need.

In another case, there is Saatej, who mentors a group of Adult Literacy teachers and whose family suffered a landslide hitting the back of their home. While the family is safe and their house was protected, their property needs repair. Let’s thank God for protecting Saatej and his family while praying for the Father to continue providing for them in the days ahead.

Monsoon season doesn’t just affect adults; it impacts children, too. In one particular village, a mother named Piyasha was killed by a landslide in her house. Her children were actively involved in a Children’s Bible Club. Pray for God to comfort these children, and for the body of Christ to surround this family in their time of suffering and loss.

These are just a few stories of families who are struggling because of monsoons in India. People all across the country are experiencing loss because of these storms. As India continues to face the dangers of monsoons, will you pray for protection and comfort? We believe God cares for His children, even in the midst of painful seasons like this one.