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Sunya Dreamed of Learning—And Now She Does!

Nine-year-old Sunya never had the chance to go to school. Her mother worked hard to care for Sunya and her two brothers while her father lived away from the family to work. Unfortunately, his income was inconsistent, and it meant the whole family struggled.

Sunya longed to go to school like the other children in her village, and when people asked what grade she was in, she would silently slip away—feeling really sad. She dreamed of being just like the other children, dressed neatly with combed hair, school bags, and shoes.

Sunya’s mother was uneducated and thought learning was a waste of time—and that’s why, when a Bible Club came to their village, she was opposed to Sunya joining. This didn’t stop Sunya, though. Intrigued, she just secretly attended, hiding it from her mother. In the Bible Club, Sunya made new friends while playing sports with them. She heard Bible stories, participated in activities, and sang action songs. After a while, her mother relented after seeing a change in Sunya.

She also learned the importance of healthy hygiene! Before, Sunya had often become ill, and her mother would take her to the hospital. Even with medication, the pain would still continue. But after learning about good hygiene, Sunya stopped getting sick.

When the Bible Club leader, Jamila, taught about drinking clean water and maintaining a clean home, Sunya made up her mind to follow everything Jamila taught. She washed her glass before drinking, washed her hands before eating, and ate only healthy foods. Sunya also received vegetable seeds during the Bible Club that she took home, and with her mother’s help, they started a kitchen garden.

Sunya saw great changes in her life. Not only had she learned how to care for herself, she also learned to read and write. With the help of Jamila, Sunya enrolled in school. She now had the experience just like the other children had!

And the best part of all? After learning to read during the Bible Club, Sunya can read the Bible! Eventually, Sunya received Jesus as her Savior, and her desire to live for God led her whole family to salvation!

Will you pray for Sunya and her family to grow deeper in their relationship with God?