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Two Paths, One Destination

So often, when families migrate from one Indian state to another, hoping for a better life, they find themselves in the same cycle of disappointment. This was not the case, however, for Sapan and his family. At least, not at first.

Sapan moved his family—along with his brother Gihan and his family—to Jammu & Kashmir with the promise of a prosperous contracting job. Sapan and his brother Gihan would have steady work for the next two years, with the funds to support both of their families. Their dream of a better life was becoming a reality!

But these brothers would soon find themselves on very different paths.

Local to Sapan’s home was a famous shrine to a deity. People would visit the shrine in multitudes in hopes of finding peace, blessings, and prosperity. Enticed by the believers’ devotion, Sapan also decided to devote his life to worshipping this deity. Sapan quit his job with the contractor and began to work at the shrine. He performed ceremonies of blessing for other believers, earning enough money for him and his family to thrive. Life seemed to be good, so Sapan believed his god blessed his devoted worship.

His brother Gihan, however, began to face one ailment after another. Desperate for her husband’s recovery, Gihan’s wife took him to a church at a neighbor’s suggestion. Gihan found healing in both body and spirit at the church! He and his wife became devoted followers of Jesus.

Sapan heard about his brother’s new religion and was furious. He ordered Gihan and his wife to turn away from Christianity. Surely, he believed, they would be punished by the gods if they did not. However, Gihan and his wife refused, knowing they had finally found true faith.  

One day, Sapan found Gihan reading the Bible. In anger, he tore it to pieces. Gihan cried to the Lord and prayed that He would change Sapan’s heart and grant him wisdom.

Things started to change for Sapan that day. He fell ill with a mysterious sickness. He would fall to the ground with sudden unconsciousness, and no doctor or priest could diagnose or heal his condition.

For a time, Sapan suffered in this way until his faithful brother, Gihan, offered to take him to a church to offer a prayer of healing. Sapan initially refused, but his condition became so debilitating that he was willing to try anything.

Sapan entered the church daily for the next week. Gihan asked his mentor, a Church Planter named Jay, to cover Sapan in prayer. On the seventh day of letting the prayers wash over him, something miraculous happened to Sapan. He was overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit, understanding the forgiveness of Jesus. Once a devoted idol worshipper, Sapan received the gift of salvation and became a follower of Jesus. He confessed that he needed cleansing and repented of his sins.

Join us in praising God for leading these two brothers to Jesus through different paths! Pray that their knowledge of Christ continues to grow daily as they lead their families in faith.