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Mahveen: A Restoration in Progress

Something wasn’t quite right in Mahveen’s family, and she knew it. Her father was hardly ever around, and when he was, he and her mother were usually fighting––loudly. Mahveen did her best to cope with the turmoil. She stayed out of the way and occupied her younger brother by playing games with him.

As Mahveen grew older, she gradually understood that her father, Vishtal, was an alcoholic, and his addiction was slowly ruining their family. Vishtal earned very little as a daily laborer, and what little he made, he often wasted on alcohol.

Her mother, Tahira, would yell and berate Vishtal for failing to provide for them. She was repeatedly left with no other option than to borrow money from predatory lenders just so they could eat.

Tahira often took Mahveen with her to worship and make sacrifices to their deities, hoping they would shift the family’s desperate situation. But years passed, and nothing got better. Mahveen had become a hyper-stressed pre-teen who was so worried about her family that she couldn’t even focus on her studies.

But then Tahira got word that a woman from their village was starting a program for children, where they could play games in a safe environment and even get help with their homework. She enrolled Mahveen in the program, a Children’s Bible Club, and Mahveen loved every minute of it!

From the games and action songs to the tutoring and Bible stories, Mahveen was all-in! But when Nadia, the Bible Club leader, shared about the sacrificial love of Christ, Mahveen was confused. All the gods she knew of wanted something from her, but Nadia said Jesus’ love was a gift.

Mahveen pondered this wondrous idea while she colored a beautiful picture depicting the birth of Christ, as pictured above. Mahveen soon began praying that Jesus would restore peace to her family, but she remained skeptical about Him being the only true God.

Although Mahveen has not yet received salvation, the beauty of the Children’s Bible Club is that it creates long-term connections! Nadia has an entire year to pour into Mahveen, sharing the Gospel through both her words and actions. Plus, thanks to the Bible Club, Mahveen now has a new community of friends! She has grown in confidence and joy, and she prays faithfully that Jesus would restore peace and security to her family.

Let’s come alongside Mahveen, praying that the love of Christ would redeem her entire family, starting with her. May Mahveen see God working powerfully and undeniably in her family.