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Praying the “BLESS” Prayer

John Devries, our founder, introduced us to one of the simplest, most impactful prayers. It’s called the BLESS prayer and is inspired by Matthew 8 where Jesus heals the leper.

When Jesus heals the leper, He heals the man’s:

Body – He is healed physically

Labor – His physical healing allows him to work again

Emotional – He isn’t seen as an outcast anymore, so he isn’t bullied

Social – He isn’t seen as an outcast, which allows him to make friends

Spiritually – He understands Christ’s love

At Mission India, we love using the BLESS prayer to lift up our programs as well as one another. This simple outline helps guide us through praying over every aspect of a person’s life. To put it into practice, let’s take a look at how we could pray this prayer over the children in India attending 10-Day Children’s Bible Clubs.

We can pray…

B – For their bodies to be healthy and physically strong

L – For their learning as they attend the Bible Club

E – For their emotional well-being as many come from homes that lack emotional stability

S – For their ability to make friends and build lasting relationships, especially those who are considered “outcasts”

S – For each child to encounter and receive the love of Christ during their 10-Day Children’s Bible Club

The BLESS prayer is a simple, memorable way to pray for others, and it works in just about any context! How could you implement the BLESS prayer as you take time to pray over your business or place of work? How can you use it to pray over the people you lead?