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Once Privileged, Now Saved

Vikashini grew up in a traditional family that was fortunate to be in one of the higher castes in their culture. She was proud of her status – just like her parents – and enjoyed being waited on by servants. As Vikashini’s grandfather was treasurer of the temple, the family was given places of honor in the rituals and festivals performed there.

In school, Vikashini only associated with students from her caste, ignoring the others. She loved to flaunt her money and had a childhood of ease and luxury.

At 16, Vikashini’s relatives decided she would marry in two years. When her wedding day came, it was grand, and afterward she went to live with her new husband, Ranil, and her in-laws.

Life with her in-laws was not as she hoped. Vikashini was used to having love and freedom, not the restrictions her mother-in-law put on her. She also discovered Ranil would always take his mother’s side, ignoring her desires.

In time, Vikashini found herself the mother of three children, which kept her very busy. Her days were filled with cleaning, cooking, and washing clothes, with very little time for herself. Her life was very sad and not what she’d envisioned.

It seemed Vikashini’s joy left the minute she stepped into her in-law’s house. To make matters worse, Ranil was addicted to alcohol, a habit he began in his teens. Many nights Vikashini cried to her gods to change her husband, but Ranil spent his time with friends and did not care for his family.

Vikashini went to the temple and prayed many days for her husband to care for her and quit drinking, but years passed and her prayers were unanswered. As her children grew up, Vikashini focused her attention on them, instead of Ranil, helping them with schoolwork to ensure they had good futures.

Vikashini’s life with Ranil got even worse when he added gambling to his list of bad habits. Ranil was gone much of the time and came home late at night. Vikashini worried about their future as she watched her in-laws grow older.  She wondered what would become of them when her in-laws were gone.

Vikashini had many sleepless nights with no peace or joy. She worried constantly and was under a lot of stress. It was at this time that Church Planter Sashwat visited her village, telling people about Jesus. When Sashwat came to Vikashini’s house, he told her Jesus could give her peace and joy. When Vikashini heard this, she began to cry.

As Sashwat and Vikashini talked, he shared more about Christ’s sovereignty and introduced Jesus as the true peace-giver. Sashwat prayed for Vikashini and left her a Bible to read. When Vikashini picked up the Bible again, she could feel peace in her heart and this made her happy. So, she read it again and again.

The following week Sashwat returned and prayed for Vikashini. She invited him to come pray every week as she wanted to learn more about Jesus. In time, Vikashini received Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Sashwat encouraged her not to worry, but to bring all her troubles to Jesus as He would take care of her needs.

Vikashini has peace and continues to grow in her faith, praying every day. She reads her Bible regularly and has shared her faith with her children. Praise God that her two daughters have received Jesus as their Savior through Vikashini’s testimony.

Vikashini faces real opposition as her husband does not approve of her new faith in Jesus. Please pray that Ranil will realize Jesus is the only true God and choose to serve Him, too.  Pray also that he would give up alcohol and care for his family.