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Healing Precedes Faith

Christians in the state of Chhattisgarh, India, have faced significant persecution recently. The opposition comes from all different sources, including state-level laws, local restrictions, and believers’ own family members. Sadly, a woman in Chhattisgarh named Deepana knows what this is like from firsthand experience.

During Deepana’s pregnancy, she developed a high fever that caused problems for her unborn baby. In her time of need, she and her husband, Biryar, happened to meet Church Planter Mahiman. Trained through the prayers and support of people like you, Mahiman graciously ministered to the couple, talking to them about the Gospel and lifting up their concerns in Jesus’ name.

Through his prayers, Deepana was healed from her fever! Amazed by the power of Jesus, the couple began to trust in Him. Praise God that they placed their hope in Christ! Soon after, they needed Him even more desperately: their baby was born prematurely and was fighting for his life.

In this scary time, Deepana and Biryar knew to go to God in prayer. Together with Mahiman, they prayed daily for the baby’s health to improve. Amazingly, the baby grew healthy and strong! Deepana and Biryar saw again that Jesus was by their side and could do the impossible.

But in the couple’s time of celebration and gratitude, Biryar’s parents began pressuring him to turn away from Christ. Influenced by their opposition, Biryar became angry with Deepana whenever she prayed to Jesus. However, Deepana remained firm in faith, committed to the God who healed both her and her son. Eventually, her example of firm faith convinced Biryar to follow Jesus wholeheartedly, too.

As they witness this family’s example, will you pray that Biryar’s parents will also receive salvation?