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A Personal Note from Todd VanEk


A fun fact about me is that July is my favorite month of the year. It’s my birthday month, which I share with my youngest daughter, who shines brightly the legacy I want to leave. I think about that question often when I think of her: What’s the legacy I am leaving behind?

I think back to the values my parents instilled in me. Growing up, my parents taught me to give 10% and save 50%. Every Saturday night, my dad would put his giving envelope in the hutch, and my siblings and I would line ours up right next to his, all ready to bring to church the next morning. My kids now do the same thing, because I decided to pass down that legacy of generosity that my parents taught me.

Passing down values to children is just as important when it comes to our work in India. Sometimes we get to do that by reaching parents through Adult Literacy Classes and Church Planters, but in Children’s Bible Clubs, the kids are reached first! Time and time again, we’ve seen that when you change a child’s life, you win a parent’s heart.

In the pages ahead, you will see one generation’s impact on another through the gift of your generosity and prayers. As you read incredible stories from families in India, I encourage you to ask yourself what legacy Jesus wants you to leave. How can you empower your kids — or kids around you — to change lives generationally, for eternity?

Together, for India,

Todd VanEk