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Lithika Brings Her Family to Jesus

Now in her teens, Lithika grew up in a home where they knew about Jesus; however, her parents were illiterate and never really pursued religious activities. Lithika’s parents worked long hours in the fields as daily laborers and constantly struggled to meet the family’s basic needs.

Even though the family claimed to follow Jesus, they did not attend church services, study Scriptures, or pray together. The children never had the chance to attend Sunday school or hear Bible stories. Lithika’s parents were consumed with work and their financial struggles and had no time for anything else.

Lithika and her two siblings currently attend school; however, given their parent’s long work days, no one was around to discipline them or teach them proper behavior. Lithika pretty much lived a life isolated from others, doing whatever she wanted. She didn’t have friends and was uncomfortable mingling with others, playing games, and singing songs– the things other children her age did for fun.

One day, Nadira, the leader of a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club, met Lithika and told her the benefits of participating in the Bible Club. At first, Lithika was reluctant and shy, but she agreed to visit to see the Bible Clubs’s activities.

When Lithika visited the Bible Club, she was immediately welcomed by Nadira and the other children. From the very first day, Lithika began building friendships and soon participated in the games. She continued showing interest in the Bible Club and gradually joined the others in singing and dancing, too.

While in the Bible Club, Lithika enjoyed memorizing Bible verses and learned a lot from what they said. Her life changed significantly as a result of attending the Bible Club. As a young girl, Lithika feared God but has now received Jesus as her personal Savior.

Lithika’s parents are very proud of their daughter and thankful to Nadira for being such a caring leader. Lithika continues to improve in every area of her life and is dedicated to serving the Lord. Lithika’s commitment to putting Jesus first has also changed her family. They now live happily and attend church together. Please pray that Lithika and her family will stand firm in their faith and continue to grow spiritually.