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Sangeeta Witnesses Miracles through Prayer

Sangeeta’s father, Sambhav, was abandoned at birth. While he was adopted by the brother of a hospital worker, the rest of the family was not happy about another child and Sambhav was mistreated and abused until he left, as a teen, to work as a brick-maker in another state.

Sambhav married Sabihah, and the couple were blessed with, Sangeeta, a daughter who is now in her late teens. Growing up, Sangeeta often witnessed how poorly her father was treated by his family. While she was upset by their behavior, she was helpless to do anything about it.

Sambhav’s and Sangeeta’s lives took a devastating turn when Sabihah (who had suffered a head injury as a child) began to experience severe headaches and seizures. One day, when Sabihah was working in the fields, she suffered a seizure and became unconscious. Sabihah was rushed to the hospital for tests.

Sambhav was forced to mortgage his land to pay for Sabihah’s care, but sadly, nothing helped and her condition worsened. Sabihah lost weight as the frequency of her seizures increased. Eventually, the family was unable to leave her alone. With creditors constantly harassing Sambhav, he returned to his work as a brickmaker in another state so he could send money back to his family.

Although Sangeeta had always been a happy child, her mother’s poor health took its toll on her. Sangeeta prayed to their gods for help and favor, but her pleas for help were unanswered. One day, Sangeeta had to leave her mother alone to attend an important class. Sangeeta tried to rush home as fast as she could but missed her bus. As she was waiting for the next bus, she met Church Planter Jubair, who offered her a ride.

Desperate to get home to her mother, Sangeeta accepted the ride. On the way, Sangeeta received a call from her neighbor, letting her know that her mother had collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. When she heard the news, Sangeeta burst into tears and began sharing her story with Jubair. Even though the hospital was quite far out of Jubair’s way, he drove Sangeeta to her mother.

As the two rode in the car, Sangeeta kept pleading with her gods to heal her mother. Hearing Sangeeta’s desperate prayers, Jubair told Sangeeta about Jesus and the healing powers that only He possessed.

Watching Sabihah lying unconscious in the hospital was heartbreaking for Sangeeta. She asked Jubair if he would pray to Jesus for her mother’s healing. As Jubair prayed, Sabihah regained consciousness!  Sangeeta had never seen a god respond to prayers so quickly, and this became the turning point for the rest of her life.

Sangeeta opened her heart to Jesus and began studying the Bible. She stayed in touch with Jubair, who continued to teach her about God. As Sangeeta read the Bible, her faith grew, and she continued to pray for her mother’s full recovery.

Praise God; Sangeeta’s prayers were answered! Sabihah’s health improved, and the number of seizures lessened. The family’s financial situation improved, too. Seeing the way God had heard Sangeeta and cared for her family, Sangeeta received Jesus as the one and only true living God.

As Sabihah continued to recover, Sangeeta was able to concentrate on her studies. She and her mother began attending worship services and are learning more about Jesus together. Sambhunath continues to work in another state making bricks but was relieved to learn that Sabihah’s health had improved through prayer. Pray that Sambhav will also be open to the Gospel and turn to Jesus for salvation.