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Nicika Learns Only Jesus Heals and Saves

Now in her mid-twenties, Nicika grew up following the religious practices of her culture. She lives with her parents, who are farmers, two brothers, and one elder sister. Nicika was forced to drop out of school at a young age to help her parents work on the farm.

Nicika and her family believed they lived good and godly lives as they faithfully practiced the rituals of their religion and worshipped their gods regularly. Nicika’s life was good as she diligently followed the examples set by her parents, but everything began to change when she turned 21.

One day, when Nicika was with her friends at a religious gathering, she had a very strange feeling…like she was suffering from demonic oppression. This frightened Nicika greatly and changed her life from that day forward. Often, she felt like she was losing her mind!

Nicika couldn’t stay home or go anywhere alone. Her behavior became erratic, and she lost her appetite which caused her health to decline. Nicika’s parents were very worried and went to their priests for healing, but Nicika remained unchanged.

Nicika’s parents began to lose faith in their religious rituals and turned to medical doctors for help. After examining Nicika, they prescribed medications, but still there was no change. Nicika’s family spent large amounts of money on useless treatments and were very frustrated to see no improvement. Nicika became so fragile that she could hardly walk.

Amidst their desperation, Church Planter Sudeepa came to visit and listened to Nicika’s story. Sudeepa asked if she could pray for Nicika and the family consented. Afterward Nicika told her sister the prayer had affected her. She began to feel a little better and stronger!  Nicika’s family asked Sudeepa to return and pray again, and this time she shared the Gospel with them.

After Sudeepa’s prayers, Nicika’s health continued to improve, and for the first time, she was hopeful. Nicika’s appetite improved, which gave her more energy. Sudeepa returned with members of a local church who fasted and prayed over Nicika for an entire day. Nicika was so encouraged by their prayers and God’s Word, she wanted to learn more about Jesus.

Over the next two months, Nicika listened to the Word of God as she continued to experience healing. Her faith increased daily because she knew it was Jesus who was healing her. She believed that only Jesus could heal and save her and made the decision to receive Him as her Lord and Savior.

Today, Nicika is doing much better, but is still on the road to recovery. She and her family believe it is just a matter of time before her health is fully restored.  They now belong to a local church where they worship Jesus. Please pray for Nicika’s health and that all the members of her family will come to know Jesus as their Savior.