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Jyena’s Prayers for Her Father Answered

Jyena is now in the second grade and is a good student. Her family farms two acres which they depend on for their survival. Even though her parents work very hard day and night, they barely make enough money to cover their expenses. And, to make matters worse, Jyena’s father often squanders the family’s money on alcohol; coming home late at night and shouting at his wife.

Jyena’s family follows Jesus; however, only Jyena and her mother attend church regularly. Her father always claims to be too busy working in the field. Jyena worried about her father and desperately wished he would change his poor behavior. She wanted him to stop drinking and go to church with them.

Jyena’s parents were never able to attend school, but her mother knew how important education was. She dreamed of a better life for Jyena, but could not help her with her studies since she was not educated and was too busy working in the field.

One day the leader from a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club came to Jyena’s village. When her mother heard about the Bible Club, she thought it would be useful for Jyena and would help to give her a better future. Jyena was excited to join the Bible Club and attended regularly. She was a quick learner and was active in the games and activities.

In the Bible Club, Jyena heard many stories about Jesus and recited memory verses from the Bible. She learned how God answers prayers when we ask Him in faith. She also learned to read the Bible and began praying at home before going to bed. Jyena’s mother was happy with what she was learning and that Jyena was praying for her father to also follow Jesus. Jyena wished for her parents to read the Bible and pray as a family and that they would all go to Heaven one day.

Jyena decided to pray daily, especially for her father. Then one day when her father was very drunk, he got into a big fight. He was so angry that night and came home, shouting at his wife.  Later, some men came looking for Jyena’s father, so he hid away for a week. Jyena feared for her father’s life.

Jyena knelt in prayer and asked God to protect her father from the men who wanted to hurt him. Her father saw her praying for his rescue and this touched his heart. He realized his sins and with great remorse, he too, knelt and repented to Jesus. Since then, Jyena’s father stopped drinking and now joins his family in church!

Jyena thanks God for answering her prayers and for changing her father. She is very happy and grateful that they now go to church as a family!