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July 2023 India Intercessor

Dear Friends,

Did you know that there are 273 million illiterate adults in India, making it one of the countries with the lowest literacy rates in the world? A lack of education means so much more than an inability to read. It impacts everyday life.

Imagine that you have a health problem or that your child becomes ill. You’d likely go to the doctor for a check-up or do a quick online search if the illness is minor. We take for granted the ability to read or pay for a visit to the doctor. That isn’t the reality for illiterate people in India.

All across India, lives are being transformed through your prayers. Adults are learning how to read, write, and take care of their health. As a result, they leave behind addictions and start a more hygienic lifestyle – all through our Adult Literacy Classes. The Literacy Classes also teach individuals how to make and sell different products providing a sustainable income for their families, as you’ll read in Rajni’s story.

Those who used to find themselves hopeless in the face of poverty and illness, now find hope in Christ and their ability to provide for themselves and their families. This holistic transformation excites me for the ripple effect this will have on future generations.

Would you join me in prayer for the holistic transformation of each individual who will walk through the Adult Literacy Classes this year? Your prayers have the power to impact generations to come. Thank you for partnering with Mission India to transform India with the love of Christ.

Together, for India,

Todd VanEk
President & CEO

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