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Jesus Turned Pampa’s Mourning into Joy

Pampa was torn apart as she watched her adult children endure deep grief. She and her husband, Komutti, had a daughter named Badiha and two sons named Vengai and Simra. After they all married, Pampa thought they would have their own happy lives as she and Komutti did. Yet they each began experiencing serious trials.

Simra and his wife, Mary, had been dealing with infertility for over five years. Badiha’s husband was not caring for the family, so she and her children moved back into Pampa’s home. Vengai’s wife suddenly left him and married someone else. Deeply grieved and seriously depressed, Vengai moved home as well, numbing his feelings with alcohol.

Pampa hated that she could not fix her children’s problems. She prayed desperately to her gods to change their circumstances, but when nothing changed, she grew angry. Sadly, her anger came out against those she loved most. She was harsh, overly reactive, and often lost her temper.

Little did Pampa know, God was already at work. Simra’s wife, Mary, had led him to Jesus, and the couple had been praying faithfully for his family’s salvation. They shared about their faith whenever they could, but Simra’s family never listened.

As Vengai sank deeper into depression, he finally began listening when Simra talked about Jesus. Simra encouraged him with Scripture, sharing his own testimony. Over time, Vengai came to believe in Jesus and soon received Him as Savior! Having found true joy in Christ, Vengai emerged from his depression with a passion to share Jesus with others. He quit drinking alcohol, joined Mission India’s Church Planter Training, and committed to spreading the Gospel.

Having found true joy in Christ, Vengai emerged from his depression with a passion to share Jesus with others.

Pampa watched her sons experience joy despite their difficult circumstances, and Vengai’s journey to faith impacted her profoundly. One day, Vengai shared Romans 10:9 with her, which says, “If you declare with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” Pampa prayed with Vengai, received salvation, and immediately threw out all the idols she used to worship! Since then, Pampa has been freed from anger and is growing in her trust of Jesus even in the face of difficulties.

Praise God for using terrible circumstances to bring joy and freedom in Christ to Vengai and Pampa! May this be only the beginning of their family’s journey with Jesus. Please pray with us that Komutti, Badiha, and Badiha’s family will receive salvation, too.