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Juni Finds Physical and Spiritual Healing

Juni leads a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club today, yet she recalls how skeptical she used to be of Christianity. Read her testimony to see what changed her perspective — and her entire life!

I praise God for choosing me to serve Him for His glory! The fact that He saved me is miraculous! I came to know the Lord at a time when I was extremely sick and suffering from demonic oppression. I had heard about Jesus from different people, but I didn’t trust them. I used to think that all this “Christianity stuff” was fake and would not help me.

Then one day my aunt told me about Jesus. She convinced me she was telling the truth by sharing many examples in her own life – stories about how good God was to her and how He helped her and healed her. My aunt had breast cancer and the doctors advised her to have surgery. She prayed and God responded by healing her without needing an operation. She told me that anything is possible with God.

I was very upset about my condition as I was having extreme pain throughout my body – especially in my joints. I went to many doctors and tried a lot of medications, but nothing worked. All my test results came back normal, but the pain persisted. When I tried to sleep, I had dreadful visions.

One Sunday I was at my aunt’s house when they were leaving to go to church. My aunt invited me to come with them and said if I didn’t feel good about it, I didn’t have to go back. So, I went to church and immediately felt at peace. During the worship service I felt God’s presence and started to cry.

As I was crying, the pastor prayed for me, and I could feel something leaving me. I felt light that day and received Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Immediately, I decided to live for Jesus the rest of my life and I thank God every day for His mercies.

We praise God for being a loving, miraculous healer for Juni and her aunt. Please pray for Juni as she shares the Good News of Jesus with the children she works with in the Year-Long Children’s Bible Club. Pray that these children will be changed by what they learn from the Bible and will share the love of God with others in their families.