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Saalima Can Speak Because of Prayer!

Sabreen and Pardeep have three adult children – two are married, but the youngest, Saalima, remained at home because she was mute. Saalima had dealt with health issues since childhood which caused Sabreen much concern about her future. No man wanted to marry her due to her condition.

Local villagers claimed Saalima was mute because she had angered the gods. Their words terrified Sabreen, and so she tried to get closer to her deities and begged them for mercy. Sabreen prayed, chanted, and sacrificed to her gods regularly and spent all the money the family had on useless treatments for her daughter.

Saalima’s parents finally opted to pursue a risky surgery on her vocal cords that the doctors said might help. However, it was unsuccessful, and Saalima remained mute, now with a scar on her neck.

Hope came when our ministry partner, Jagad, met the family and shared the Gospel with them. Later, Sabreen and Pardeep’s son read more to them about Jesus since they were both illiterate. When they heard about the various miracles Jesus performed, they contacted Jagad to learn more and began to pray for a miracle.

Jagad met with Saalima’s parents and told them to have faith in Jesus. Soon the house that once echoed devotional chants to the family’s deities was now filled with prayers and songs to Jesus! The neighbors did not understand what they were hearing, but they kept watch.

Sabreen and Pardeep prayed with Jagad for Saalima’s healing, and God heard them! Saalima miraculously began to speak, surprising everyone. The couple immediately stopped worshipping their former gods and placed their faith in Jesus. They believe Saalima will soon be speaking fluently and rejoice in this great miracle. After trying everything – pursuing help from many doctors and priests – only Jesus could heal Saalima!

To further help the family, Jagad introduced Sabreen and Pardeep to the teacher of a local Adult Literacy Class who also attended his worshipping group. Anxious to become literate so he could read on his own, Pardeep jumped at the chance and enrolled in the class. He is now enjoying life like never before as he continues to gain many new skills and discovers ways to keep himself and his family healthy.

The entire family has received Jesus as their Savior. Please pray that all will remain firm in their new faith and that Saalima will continue to improve in her speech and will one day get married.