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Devyan’s Miraculous Healing Leads to Salvation

Devyan and his wife lived in a small village with their young son. Devyan’s parents and brother also lived under his roof because the whole family struggled financially. Trying hard to make ends meet, Devyan worked as a daily wage laborer and constructed bamboo houses.

To make matters worse, he suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed. His dreams were crushed as he now needed assistance to move. After a while, his family members grew tired of helping him so much. Devyan was broken and in desperate need of healing, convinced that if he worshipped his idols and visited witch doctors, his body would be restored.

His efforts amounted to nothing – he was still paralyzed. Then, one day, Church Planter Lalit, who you equipped for ministry, visited Devyan’s house and found him lying in bed. His parents told Lalit about his health condition, and Lalit shared the Gospel with Devyan and his family – explaining that Jesus could heal Devyan. Lalit prayed for Devyan and invited the family to his church before he left.

After a few days, Devyan was healed through Lalit’s prayer! His family watched in wonder as his legs and hands began moving again. He experienced a miracle, and his whole family believed in Jesus because of it! They threw away all the idols from their home and submitted their lives to Christ.

Devyan now praises God for healing him. Not only can he walk, but he works again, providing for his family.

Will you pray that Devyan’s healing would be a testimony that leads others to the saving knowledge of Christ?