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Relationship Replaces Empty Rituals

Sananda was a young teenager who lived comfortably with her parents and younger sister. Her parents had great love for Jesus and were very involved in their local church. Sananda was a compliant child who went along with her parents’ beliefs. She attended Sunday school and church every week with her family. They often read the Bible and sang Christian songs together. Sananda’s mother also taught her Bible verses that she memorized. For Sananda, though, these activities were little more than rituals, and they didn’t mean anything to her personally.

When a woman named Magashin started a Children’s Bible Club nearby, Sananda’s mother enrolled Sananda and her sister. The Bible Club was fun! Sananda loved singing, dancing, and playing games with new friends. Getting extra help with her homework was helpful, too.

Magashin talked about the Bible in a way that was new and exciting to Sananda. When Magashin shared the story from Mark 10, where Jesus rebukes the disciples for keeping the children from Him, Sananda was truly touched. For the first time, Sananda realized that Jesus cares about children, and even about her. Beginning that day, Sananda’s love for Jesus began growing.

Seeing Sananda’s new excitement about faith, Magashin began discipling her even more intentionally. She patiently answered Sananda’s questions about knowing Jesus, explaining why we pray, and how trusting in God and His Word can help us through difficult times. Sananda learned the Bible verse from Proverbs 9:10, “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” She memorized this promise and began praying it over her studies, especially during the yearly exam season.

Today, Sananda continues to attend the Bible Club and enjoys learning more about Jesus, the Bible, and living a godly life. She seeks God’s will for her future and is prayerfully considering becoming a doctor, with hopes to serve the poor and needy. Pray with us that Sananda would continue to grow closer to Jesus and become a great servant for the Lord!