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Jesus Heals Darman’s Third Wife

Darman married the love of his life at a young age. He and his wife felt their relationship was like Heaven on earth, and they lived like soulmates. But all that changed when Darman’s wife died suddenly.

Darman was distraught. He grieved deeply and longed for his wife. His parents hated seeing him in pain, so they arranged another marriage, thinking he would forget his first wife if there was a new woman to focus on.

Over time, Darman did come to love his second wife. She was kind and caring, and her gentleness softened his heart to her. But just as their bond was growing strong, she passed away, too.

As soon as Darman’s second wife died, all of the villagers started looking at him with suspicion. They were convinced that he was under a witchcraft spell that brought death to his home. They wouldn’t even look in the direction of his home for fear of coming under the influence of witchcraft themselves.

Then Darman’s parents arranged a third marriage for their son. Many of the villagers encouraged the bride’s family to decline the marriage because of what happened to Darman’s other wives, but the two got married anyway. Meanwhile, the villagers fearfully waited for what seemed inevitable.

Darman and his new bride lived in dark circumstances, constantly surrounded by the superstitions of their neighbors. However, even in the midst of all this, they had two children!

Despite this blessing, the anxieties of life started to weigh on Darman. He was afraid of losing his wife and children, so he started drinking alcohol to cope. He gradually spent more and more of their money on his addiction.

Then, his wife and children all got sick. Darman’s fears seemed to be coming true.

It was then that Church Planter Jaigath visited their home and offered to pray for the family. Darman was amazed that Jaigath would come inside his home without fear of witchcraft when the other locals were so afraid!

Jaigath shared the Gospel and told Darman about the power of Jesus to overcome any stronghold, even the one Darman’s family was experiencing. Immediately, Darman was filled with hope! He believed in Jesus, confessed his sins, and received salvation!

What happened next was incredible: Darman’s wife and children were healed! The family was overwhelmed at what God had done for them! Jesus also helped Darman give up alcohol. Now the entire family is following Jesus and regularly attends a worshipping group together. Will you pray for this family to continue growing in their faith?