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Saja Finds True Peace in Jesus

Saja grew up in a family that followed the traditions and rituals of their ancestors. As he grew up, got married, and had a family of his own, Saja felt something was missing. Even though he had a loving family and a good job, Saja was not satisfied. He turned to alcohol to find peace and pleasure.

One day, a Church Planter named Balmani visited Saja’s neighborhood, and they struck up a conversation. Saja shared that he felt like something was missing in his life, and Balmani told him about the true missing piece. Balmani explained the Gospel, telling Saja that Jesus is the Prince of Peace and the only One who could satisfy his soul.

But Saja did not believe Balmani. He considered Jesus a foreign god and was sure that his idols were the true gods.

Still, Balmani continued to tell Saja about Christ over the weeks that followed. He gave Saja a book that talked about the miracles Jesus performed, how He healed the sick, and how He forgave sins.

Then Saja became terribly sick with typhoid and pneumonia. No medical treatments worked to cure him, and his neighbors were sure he would die. Saja remembered what he read in Balmani’s book—that Jesus healed the sick. So, Saja took a leap of faith and asked his new friend, Balmani, to come pray for him in Jesus’ name. Within days, Saja was healed!

In response to this miracle, Saja gave up alcohol and now regularly attends a worshipping group! He is involved in many Christian programs and even sends his children to the local Children’s Bible Club. Saja believes in the power of Jesus, but he has not surrendered his life to Christ because he is afraid of the rejection he will experience from his community. Will you pray for Saja’s salvation and for strength despite opposition?