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A Rebellious Boy Finds Freedom

Atin struggled to focus in school and the work never came easy to him. He managed to get by until he was 12 and the subjects got more complex. Then he started getting poor grades and his teachers complained to his parents, Daivit and Laila. His parents, however, were illiterate, so they encouraged him to do better but couldn’t offer practical help.

Feeling alone and ashamed, Atin rebelled. He began skipping school. He started chewing tobacco and quickly became very addicted. At home, Atin openly disrespected his parents and ignored his curfew. Daivit and Laila knew Atin was tumbling down a slippery slope of rebellion, but they had no idea how to slow his fall.

Thankfully, they soon met a man named Jadwal, who invited them to send their children to a Children’s Bible Club he led. Atin and his brothers began attending, although Atin was clearly unexcited about participating.

Jadwal took his time with Atin, slowly earning his trust. When he discovered that Atin was addicted to tobacco, he began advising him about its dangerous effects. He consistently reminded Atin that chewing tobacco would damage his health and didn’t allow him to use it during the Bible Club, but Atin never took his advice.

When Atin suddenly stopped coming to the Bible Club, Jadwal visited him at home. He learned that Atin had begun to suffer severe chest pain. The doctor said that Atin’s tobacco addiction had damaged his heart, and although the doctor gave him medicines to help, he said Atin likely would not recover.

Jadwal and the children in the Bible Club began praying for Atin every day. Jadwal soon visited him again, sharing the Gospel. With Jadwal’s encouragement, Atin finally vowed to quit chewing tobacco, and, confessing his sins, received salvation!

Atin then returned to the Bible Club, eagerly learning more about Jesus. He learned how to pray to God for strength when he was tempted to return to tobacco. Jadwal also helped him with his studies, and so Atin stopped skipping school and began trying his best.

Once Atin quit chewing tobacco, his health gradually improved, and now he is healed! The once rebellious boy is now growing into a humble and helpful young man. Please pray that Atin’s brothers and parents would come to know Jesus through Atin’s example.