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An Offering of First Fruits Brings Change

Kripal was born into a poor family of farmers. They were dependent upon growing and selling produce for their survival.

The family worshiped many deities, including animals and nature. Kripal followed his parents’ and ancestors’ beliefs, strongly opposing Christianity.

Kripal is in the second grade at a government school in his village. Unfortunately, his parents’ lack of education left the whole family unaware of good hygiene practices. Kripal wore filthy clothes and was covered in a skin disease on his hands and feet. He did not wash his hands before or after eating. Because he did not have anyone to teach him a hygienic lifestyle, many of his friends – and even his teachers – avoided him because of his unclean habits.

After seeing many Christians in their area killed for following Jesus, Kripal’s parents did not allow him to join any Christian activities. So, when a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club started in his village, Kripal avoided it to obey his parents, even when the Bible Club leader invited him to join – and many of his friends enrolled!

But after his friends encouraged him to visit the Bible Club, Kripal finally did. At first, he was very hesitant, but after being welcomed by his friends and the Bible Club leader, he was thrilled to be a part of the activities.

At the Bible Club, Kripal learned Christ-centered songs, Bible verses, and Bible stories, leaving him feeling inspired. He even learned to pray with his friends at the Bible Club! Over time, he became more interested and started attending frequently. Eventually, he received Jesus as his Savior.

During the Bible Club, Kripal was invited to a special training where he learned about cleanliness and staying healthy. After the special training, he started bathing every day, and his skin disease began healing. He also learned about the value of a garden and has since been able to grow vegetables from the seeds he received.

He was overjoyed by his first fruits, which he sold at auction. He gave the income to the local church in gratitude to God!

This astounded other people. Because of Kripal’s significant change in character, his parents also received Jesus as their Savior! Praise God for these new believers! Continue to pray that the family would be faithful in their new belief in Christ and that they would be an example to all those they meet.