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Patasa and Her Family Find Jesus in Healing

Patasa is in the fourth grade and lives with her parents and one younger sister. Her father works as a farmer while her mother manages the home and cares for the children.

The sisters learned about a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club near their home and began attending. They really enjoy their Bible Club Leader – especially the help she gives them with their schoolwork!

Patasa’s parents were deeply devoted to worshipping the gods of their culture. However, they often felt like they suffered from demonic oppression. For example, one day Patasa began having severe stomach pain which made her miserable. Her parents sought treatment, but the pain continued for four long months. Things got so bad that Patasa could no longer attend school. The family spent a lot money trying to help Patasa, but she was no better.

When the Bible Club Leader heard about the situation, she visited Patasa and prayed to Jesus for her healing. She comforted Patasa with words from Scripture. After praying, the Bible Club Leader spoke with Patasa’s mother and encouraged her to allow Patasa to come back to the Bible Club. She believed continued prayer and the club activities would help Patasa. She also thought it would be good for her to have the support of her friends there.

Eventually, Patasa’s parents let her return to the Bible Club where she experienced God’s goodness and healing! Her family was amazed by how well Patasa was doing and decided they wanted to know more about the Jesus who answers prayers. Soon, they began attending a local worshipping group to learn more.

Patasa’s health was restored and she’s back to attending the Children’s Bible Club regularly. She loves feeling the wonderful presence of God there. Please pray that Patasa and her entire family will soon surrender their lives to Jesus and receive Him as their Savior.