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Juzla Gains Hope for Her Future

Juzla is a bright and active girl who is currently studying in the 4th grade. She lives with her mother and two brothers. As Juzla’s father does not live with the family, her mother is a single parent who works very hard to provide and make ends meet, but money is a constant battle because she does not have a stable job.

As Juzla’s mother was always occupied with work and taking care of the family, she had little time to spend with her children. To help, Juzla took care of many household chores from a young age. She was unable to attend school regularly and began to lose hope for her future.

One day, Aliya, a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club leader, visited Juzla’s home and learned about the family’s situation. Seeing the challenges they faced, Aliya encouraged Juzla to join the Bible Club. With her mother’s blessing, Juzla said, “Yes,” and her daily routine quickly changed. She started completing all her homework and eagerly joined in the club activities. Gradually, she learned to balance her home responsibilities with self-care and developed a new hope for her life.

Juzla’s academic performance quickly improved, and through the prayer and support of Aliya, Juzla’s family began experiencing many positive changes. Her mother secured a good job, giving the family a much better income. Now, her mother is able to manage household chores and help Juzla with her studies.

Juzla has a newfound confidence, too, and wants to become a teacher one day. She is happy and has made many new friends. Juzla enjoys sharing the Bible stories and verses she’s learned with her mother, and their faith continues to grow.

As a result of the Bible Club experience and Juzla’s prayers, Juzla’s mother is open to learning more about Jesus and regularly attends a local church. Please pray that Juzla’s father will have a change of heart and return to the family. Pray also that Juzla’s mother will receive Jesus as her Savior.