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Knowledge Brings Bright Futures

Life for Reena was hard. She is a young nominal Christian living a very simple life in a remote village on a makeshift relief camp. Her mother passed away years ago from an illness and left behind her husband, Reena, and three other children. The makeshift camp is a crowded place with many different religions and the children are influenced by all different rituals and practices. Being a widower, Reena’s father was too busy trying to provide for basic needs to instill Godly values into his children.

Like most children in the camp, Reena’s faith was neglected and so was her education. There has never been a proper school in the camp and at the age of twelve, Reena was only in the third grade. Her father was able to get her into a Christian school nearby. She was behind in grade and in comprehension.

These poor conditions make running Children’s Bible Clubs to encourage and motivate children vital. Reena participated in a 10-Day Children’s Bible Club and learned so much from the Bible Club and now takes part in a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club. The Bible Club Leader, Purvaja, has impacted the children – imparting knowledge and encouraging their future.

Reena lacked discipline and didn’t know how to study. Purvaja taught her to study hard and corrected Reena to help her learn respect.

Purvaja taught the Bible Club so children had holistic transformation. She taught good discipline, hygiene, and habits. Engaging in learning by singing, listening to Bible stories, and playing sports helped the children in their physical and spiritual growth. Purvaja helped them pray so they had a positive mindset.

The children learned a lot and the knowledge has made a significant impact on their future. Reena now studies hard, prays regularly, and has started attending Sunday school. Pray that she would continue to grow in her faith and become a good example of how children can succeed in the future.