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Anam Uplifts His Family

Anam was born into a poor family with illiterate parents and an older brother. His father was a daily wage laborer and his mother was a homemaker. They suffered from financial problems often and weren’t living a good life. Anam was very talented and good at his studies but because his parents were illiterate, they couldn’t help him in any way. They often didn’t show love or concern toward their children.

Unfortunately, one day Anam’s father was in an accident and injured his leg. This landed him bedridden for several months. Anam’s mother had to spend a large amount of money on treatment for his father which left them with little to survive on. They often barely ate to survive. Anam’s mother began to beg for money from friends and moneylenders but was unable to repay them. In order to save her family from poverty, Anam’s mother started working as a laborer in the agricultural farms. She found herself standing for hours in the fields cultivating and plucking weeds in all different types of weather. This was very difficult on her as she wasn’t used to doing jobs with such impact on her body.

Anam was burdened with sadness for his parents and began losing interest in his studies. Then one day he met Children’s Bible Club Leader, Pavi. Pavi convinced Anam that he would love the activities planned for the day and encouraged him to join the local Bible Club. She even said that his grades would improve if he took the opportunity to join the local Bible Club and restore his mind with a positive attitude. It was in the Bible Club where he learned many things about the Bible and his life began to drastically change. Anam played a vital role in uplifting his family.

The Bible Club joined Anam in praying for his father and his father recovered and was completely rejuvenated. He began working again as a fully energized person. Anam thought that his father’s healing would change his family and they would recognize the true and living God and begin following Jesus but he encountered a road block – his father still continued to worship idols because they were his favorite.

Although Anam’s father hasn’t been changed in his ways, Anam has impacted the rest of his family. His mother and brother are both showing interest in the Gospel. They have not openly received Jesus as their Lord and Savior because they fear the reaction of society.

Pray that Anam and his whole family would receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior in the coming day!