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Breaking the Shackles of Fear

“I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears. Those who look to him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed.” (Psalm 34:4-5)

Munmun could not escape the clutches of her fear. Everywhere she turned, it felt like the evils of the world were trying to claw their way into her heart and her mind. Munmun lived in this state for 10 years before the plight of her anxiety came to a head.

Munmun’s distress shackled her in so many ways. She couldn’t perform household duties, she couldn’t leave her home, and she was afraid to be alone. Over time, her behavior drove people away, which only exacerbated her fears. As a result, she couldn’t sleep or eat.

It soon became clear to Munmun’s family that she would not survive her fear.

Munmun’s loved ones tried everything within their power to seek a cure. They sought the help of modern medicine, but that proved fruitless. They went from one temple to another, urging their ancestral deities to deliver her, but they remained silent. As time passed and Munmun’s health deteriorated, they began to lose hope.

News of Munmun’s condition reached the ears of Church Planter Palvish. Compelled to help, Palvish went to Mummun’s home and volunteered to pray for her. The family was uncomfortable calling on the God of another religion, but as they were desperate, they agreed to Palvish’s offer.

Like something out of a story, Munmun’s health and countenance were visibly altered at the intercession of Palvish’s prayer. Munmun’s appetite returned, and she could sleep once again. More than that, the fears that had shackled her seemed to have been broken.

It was so clear to Munmun that the power that released her from her fear came from God. Not the deities she knew before, but the God of the Bible. The One Palvish preached about. From then on, Munmun devoted herself to learning about this God. As she learned, she came to know Christ as her Savior, and received Him into her heart!

Now, Munmun–unafraid to leave her home—shares the story of her deliverance to those who would hear it. Her family and friends don’t remember her by her anxieties but by her zeal for the Lord. Please join us in praying that Munmun will continue to minister to the hearts of her community. We also ask that her entire family receive Jesus, just as Munmun has.