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Kajol: A Mom Faces Persecution

Kajol was ashamed every time she left her house. She had no control over her daughter, Paayal, who was affected by evil spirits. So, the neighbors stared at the family whenever they went out.

There was one neighbor who didn’t look down on the family: Church Planter Noshi. When this faithful believer visited, Paayal yelled and screamed at the top of her lungs, insisting that Noshi leave. The family was desperate for help, though, so one day they asked Noshi to come inside and pray.

Noshi, pictured above with Paayal, looked her in the eye and rebuked the evil spirits in Jesus’ name. Through the power of God, Paayal was delivered!

This miracle was clearly a relief for Kajol and her family, but new troubles followed. Noshi gave the family Scripture to read and began visiting them two to three times per week. Her consistency and kindness were a blessing to Kajol, but neighbors saw things differently. They started saying hurtful words about Kajol’s family, just because of their interest in the Gospel.

Kajol kept listening to Noshi, though, and Noshi remained committed to this family’s budding faith. As Kajol learned about the Word of God and experienced more of the peace God offers, she received Christ as her personal Savior! She had great faith that her sins were forgiven and that she could live without fear, unlike the lifestyle she had before.

Neighbors continued to oppose Kajol as she took steps of faith, even abusing the family for leaving their religion. Kajol’s brother became a significant obstacle, too. In fact, to this day, Kajol is struggling to take steps in her faith because of her brother.

That doesn’t change her courage and passion for Christ, though. Kajol is actively leading her siblings to Him, and her sister is showing some interest in the Gospel as a result. Kajol knows that Jesus is by her side as she endures persecution, and she leans on the truth of Psalm 121:1, “I lift up my eyes to the mountains—where does my help come from?” Each day, even through opposition, Kajol finds her help in the Lord.

We praise God for the dedication of ministry partners like Noshi, who stand with new believers even when it means risking relationships with friends and family. Will you join us in prayer for Noshi and Kajol?

  • Ask God to protect Kajol and her family as they take a risk daily by following Jesus.
  • Pray that Kajol’s sister will receive Christ as her Savior, and that the rest of Kajol’s family will, too!
  • Pray a blessing over Noshi as she shares the Gospel within her own community. Pray that God opens doors for her to form strong relationships that point locals to Christ—even those who currently oppose the Gospel!