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Father’s Healing Draws Veduk to Jesus

In Veduk’s powerful testimony, he immediately credits prayers to Jesus for his father’s healing and devotes his life to serving others. His story is such an inspiration as he demonstrates such passion for his Lord and Savior through prayer and service.

Growing up, my father drove a truck while my mother took care of my brothers and me. Before I came to know Jesus, my father suffered from severe stomach problems for a long time. After being admitted to the hospital, they discovered issues with his liver and he was sent to another hospital for specialized treatment.

My mother had no money for the care he needed as she had always managed our home. Even though my brothers and I were quite young, with no one to look after us, my mother began working as a maid to earn money.  The small amount she received was spent on my father’s treatments which were very expensive.

As my father’s condition worsened, we were starving with no food. My mother felt helpless and was weeping with grief, but could do nothing. As she was thinking about my father, a Church Planter came to visit and saw the sadness on her face. He asked about her problems and my mother told him everything. Then the Church Planter prayed to Jesus to heal my father.

Soon, the doctor informed my mother that my father was recovering! She was able to see him as he opened his eyes. There were no words for the happiness my mother felt in that moment. I immediately knew that it was Jesus who healed my father and I received Him as my Savior.

It was a great miracle and life after receiving Jesus has never been the same. My father was able to return to work as a truck driver which allowed my mother to quit her job as a maid. Our income is increasing now and I am attending church every Sunday.

Even though my family has not yet joined me in going to church, I pray for them daily. I also go into the villages and pray for other families. In addition to my prayer ministry, I am working as a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club leader and serve many children who are poor and have great needs. I know that I must serve them as they are the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven where my Father lives!  I want to stand before Jesus and proclaim He is the great Savior of my family and me. This is why I serve Him!

After seeing Jesus’ power to heal, Veduk knew he needed to respond in service to his Lord. What an example he is now setting as he leads a Children’s Bible Club in his community. We give thanks for Veduk’s commitment to the children and for all those supporting Bible Clubs in India.