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A Gospel Opposer Experiences a Miracle

Rinee is an only child who grew up worshipping the gods of her culture. She and her friends developed a hatred toward people of other religions and mocked them, thinking their gods were the only true gods. Growing up with this mindset only led Rinee to indulge in other bad behaviors, such as arguing, lying, cursing, and stealing.

Even though Rinee seemed to have no problem with hurting other people, she felt as though peace was missing from her life. Contrary to what the other villagers thought, there seemed to be a lack of peace within her family as well. Her brother was always fighting with their parents, and her father was addicted to smoking and drinking alcohol – forcibly taking money from her mother to feed his addictions.

Then, even though she hated other religions, Rinee fell in love with a Christian boy. When her parents found out about her new relationship, they threatened her, saying she needed to marry a man who followed their gods. Her father and brother then locked her in her room so that she could not go see the boy she loved.

One day, Rinee lied and said she was meeting a friend but instead met the boy she loved at the local court and eloped, despite knowing the dangers and consequences they could face.

Rinee was surprised to be met with kindness when she first went to her in-laws’ house. Her mother-in-law treated her as her own daughter and taught her everything, even lessons Rinee’s own mother had never taught her.

At her in-laws’ house, Rinee witnessed believers gathering twice a week for prayer meetings led by the local Church Planter. At first, she resisted joining the prayer time, but what she saw changed her mind. Everyone was full of peace, encouraged one another, and never said bad words. What she loved most was seeing them pray for each other and show respect to one another.

As the Church Planter led these gatherings, Rinee also witnessed miracles and people being healed through prayer! After this, Rinee developed a love for Jesus.

She found hope in Christ just when she needed it most. Unfortunately, during their second year of marriage, Rinee’s husband had a stroke, and one side of his body became paralyzed. The family became desperate and went from hospital to hospital, trying to find a cure, but their efforts lacked results.

Then suddenly, Rinee felt the urge to fall on her knees and pray. Inspired by what she’d seen at the Church Planter’s prayer group, she began praying with faith that Jesus would heal him. She was moved to tears each time she would talk to God, finding great joy and peace in Him.

She often remembered the promise she learned from Matthew 11:28, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” After a few months of devoted prayers, Rinee’s husband was able to walk again!

That experience filled her with immense joy and great peace, knowing that God had listened to her prayers. After that day, her perspective on faith changed, and she began praying even more. Her husband and the local Church Planter encouraged her to keep taking steps toward God.

The miracle Rinee’s husband experienced opened the door for Rinee to share the Gospel with her mother, who was initially against it. But Rinee persevered, and she now shares the Good News of Jesus whenever she can. Rinee is loved by many, and her life-changing experience brings joy and happiness to her in-laws. Praise God for performing this great miracle in Rinee’s life! Pray that she will be a great witness to all those she meets.