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Jesus Answers Kalifa’s Prayers

Life was neither pleasant nor easy for Kalifa. She and her husband, Ghayoor, both grew up in poor families where education was not a priority. They could only work unskilled labor jobs to provide for themselves and their son, Rajit.

Their poverty was made worse by the fact that Ghayoor struggled with alcoholism. Ghayoor was quarrelsome at his best, and abusive at his worst. Their home was devoid of any peace or joy.

Rajit reacted to the strife and instability by acting out. He began spending time with friends who were leading him down a bad path. Kalifa worried that he was emotionally unstable, and she felt lost, with no idea how to help her son.

Kalifa felt as if her life were spiraling out of control until the day she met Varid, who invited her to join the Adult Literacy Class he taught. As she learned about the classes, she concluded that many of her family’s struggles were rooted in their lack of education.

Kalifa began attending, and Varid taught her the basics of reading, writing, and math. Slowly, a trust grew between them, and Kalifa shared about her husband’s alcoholism and the abuse she experienced at home. He invited her to attend a prayer group, where she heard about Jesus, who could change hearts and meet her needs. She believed in His power and began praying for Him to change her family.

As time went on and Kalifa’s prayers continued, she began noticing a shift in their home. Gone was the constant strife! In fact, Ghayoor even began speaking to Kalifa with the love and kindness she remembered from their early years of marriage. Rajit, too, was less sullen and more responsive to his parents. Kalifa felt such joy at these changes and praised Jesus for the work He had done in her family!

Now, Kalifa has graduated from the Literacy Class, and she is able to read, write, and do math. Through special trainings offered, she also learned how to start a garden in her own small backyard and is able to save her family money by growing her own vegetables.

Kalifa continues to pray for Jesus to transform her family, but she has not turned from the idol worship that she has always practiced. Pray with us, please, that Kalifa would realize that the true root of her family’s problems is their need for Jesus. Pray that Kalifa, Ghayoor, and Rajit would soon be united in worshipping Jesus as the one true God.